[CEC Official Documents Requests]

[CEC Official Documents Requests]

by Ian Rey A -
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To our dear Capstone students,

It has been brought to our attention that there are students that are creating fraudulent imitation of Capstone Edge College documents.

Any student requiring official documents for the purpose of employment and/or personal use, must go thru the proper channels.

Please note that any CEC Online Platform Documents with Ms. Monique Montalbo's signature dated from Sept. 16th, 2023, onwards, are all null and void and we will not be recognized as a legitimate document(s) of CEC Online Platform as she and other personnels are no longer part of Capstone.

Students needing the official documents will need to reach out to Ms. Analiza - Students Success Manager and to Ms. Cherrie - Students Success Coordinator for any CEC Documents or Ms. Rachelle- Students care coordinator for TOR/Certificates and Ms. RJ for Practicum documents and/or create a ticket for any issues, concerns, document requests.

The College will not condone such acts of dishonesty.

Please be guided accordingly.

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