The Proper Usage of our support help desk system

The Proper Usage of our support help desk system

by Admin at Capstone Edge College -
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Dear Capstone Edge College Students,

For the past months since we introduce our it seems that many are not using it properly, please take note of this, to wit:

in submitting your concern to, please specify the following:

  • Full name
  • portal username or capstone email
  • Personal email
  • Cellphone Number (if possible)
  • complete details of the issue, if pertaining to course/module, put the full details of the module/course (course code, description, date/cohort, section,
  • Then state your issue clearly

Please make sure to monitor the email used in creating the ticket. There are instances when our support team will require more details from you. If you will not reply within 48 hours, they will close or mark your ticket as resolved.

Thank you and regards,

Manny Felicio, PhD, Director, CEC Online Learning