Welcome to our New Student Success Coordinator

Welcome to our New Student Success Coordinator

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Dear Capstone Edge Family,


May everyone is safe and sound as you receive this announcement!


The Board of Academics and Skills Development is Capstone Edge College is proud to announce to all the College constituents to bring on board Ms. Monica Motalbo as our Student Success Coordinator.


Monic, has a Master's degree in Psychological Measurement and a Bachelor's degree in Accounting.


As common to all struggling Canadian migrants from different countries, Monic has gained a large scale of experience in both menial, administration, and managerial jobs in various industries in her years of Canadian journey.


I would like to encourage everyone to welcome Monic.


Moving Forward, Monic and her team in the Student Sucess Department of Capstone Edge College will be in contact with all the learners, making sure that quality learning and skills development toward the success of each individual learner is achieved.


More Power to you Monic!