[Help Desk Training for Students and Administration of Capstone EC]

[Help Desk Training for Students and Administration of Capstone EC]

by Ian Rey A -
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To our dear Capstone students and Staff,

We now have the Help Desk Training available for students and soon to follow for our Administration staff.

The training module for students are HDT101. This is exclusively a training course on the basics on our support page - https://support.capstoneec.ca. This will teach our students on how to create tickets, view tickets and follow up on their tickets. This will ensure that we have 1 ticket per student per concern. We are trying to eliminate having a lot of tickets for the same student and same concerns.

Our students can also directly get in touch with their instructors thru the catergory - "Teacher's Attention - (instructor's name)" and instead of just emailing your instructor, you can now create a ticket directly sending them a message regarding your concerns with their course/module etc.

We also have HDT102 for our instructors and administration staff to also give them training on how to answer our concerns. This willl be available as soon as possible for them to properly assist our students.

Please take advantage of this and again although this is not part of your curriculum, we can do well creating a process to make assisting our students efficiently as possible. There is also a survey at the end of this module/training course and we appreciate any feedback from you. We only ask that we all refrain from foul language or any demeaning comments, lets make this as constructive as possible to further develop Capstone.

Thank you.

IT/Help Desk/ Administration

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