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[Tax Slip T2202 Announcement]

by Ian Rey A -

To our dear Capstone students,

Students who have received the tax slip T2202 previously, that is, those who received 2022 T2202 tax slip last year will be receiving the balance prorated T2202 via their email address for tax year 2023 on or before March 1st, 2024 from the same tax Accountant, : RTAXBSI@gmail.com

Students who are receiving the 2023 tax slip T2202 for the very first time for the tax year 2023 will receive an email on or before March 1st, 2024 from "INFO@sarprofessionalcorp.com and the link they can download the slips is https://capstone.sarprofessionalcorp.com/

Thank you,

Capstone Edge College Administration


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