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[Inspiring success stories from our students for your next level of Success] Part 2

by Ian Rey A -

Hello  everyone,

We are excited to share yet another success story from our Capstone EC student. These stories are showcased in our announcements to celebrate the achievements of our students after their time at Capstone EC.

In honoring privacy, we will reveal only the student's first name and the initial of their last name.
This achievement reflects their persistent dedication and acts as a strong motivation to keep pushing forward, even in the face of tough obstacles.

Your success is the school's success!

Dear Capstone Edge College & Management,

I am very thankful that I am one of your students, and I made the right decision to take MOA. During my practicum at the Hear Right Canada Clinic, where I have been working as a hearing consultant/office administrator since 2020, our audiologist was very thorough in my learning. She used the evaluation form that CEC sent to her as part of her evaluation regarding my work performance as well. I truly appreciate her honesty and effort in evaluating my performance during my practicum. I was very pleased with the result, as she was.

In connection to this, since I received my MOA certificate and TOR, I have received an increase in my hourly salary, the salary that I truly desired. In addition, she told me that the management and her don't want me to leave the company and find a better-paying job somewhere else. What a great blessing indeed that I took this course.

I am forever grateful to my school, Capstone Edge College. Thank you so much to the management and all my teachers. I thank you all, although I didn't see you in person, but I truly appreciate you all so much.

Kind regards,
Warlita B.
MOA batch October 2022


Send us your success story. Email us at announcements@capstoneec.ca.


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[Inspiring success stories from our students for your next level of Success]

by Ian Rey A -

Hello  everyone,

We are thrilled to present a series of success stories from our Capstone EC students. These will be featured in announcements to highlight the accomplishments of our students post their tenure at Capstone EC.

We're eager to kick off with an inspiring success story while doing their practicum. Despite stiff competition from peers at other institutions, one of our students secured a position as a casual MOA. To respect privacy, we will only disclose the student's first name followed by the initial of their last name.
This milestone is a testament to the diligent efforts and serves as a powerful incentive to continue striving, even when faced with daunting challenges.
Together, let's continue to advance!

Hi, Admin,
I am happy and proud to have completed this course (MOA). Dr. Pirisola, a doctor from the clinic, inquired whether there is a letter that I need or you need to submit to the clinic because he has hired me on a casual basis. After my practicum, he mentioned that he would contact me for work if extra help is needed at the clinic. I am grateful to all the doctors and staff at Cares Medical Clinic for their unwavering support, despite their busy schedules, in helping students learn and practice. As a practicum student, I will ensure that I listen to and apply all the advice and techniques from my trainers while working at the front desk. Although we were three students training and it was challenging, requiring focus and patience, I am very proud and happy with myself for doing my best to complete it. 
Thanks Admin.

- Maria Cristina C.

Send us your success story. Email us at announcements@capstoneec.ca

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[T2202 For Tax Year 2023]

by Ian Rey A -

To our dear Capstone students,

Students who have received the tax slip T2202 previously, that is, those who received 2022 T2202 tax slip last year will be receiving the balance prorated T2202 via their email address for tax year 2023 on March 1st, 2024 from the same tax Accountant, : RTAXBSI@gmail.com

Students who are receiving the 2023 tax slip T2202 for the very first time for the tax year 2023 will receive an email on March 1st, 2024 from "INFO@sarprofessionalcorp.com and the link they can download the slips is https://capstone.sarprofessionalcorp.com/

Thank you,

Capstone Edge College Administration


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